Executive Assistant

Kelly Brickl

Kelly has served as a consultant for a nonprofit organization in Asia that works with both national and local governments, partnering with international and local NGOs to combat human trafficking through rescue, rehabilitation and education.  She has written interpretive materials for staff training and continues to assist in distribution of informative materials and assist in the coordination of fundraising events.  

She previously worked for the Department of Defense Education Activity overseas for 6 years and has twenty years of experience using standards of learning to create and write a variety of curriculum in public and private education. She has also lived and worked in Europe and Asia for 12 years, including extensive world travel and study of the German language.

While abroad and in the United States, Kelly has led outreach and event planning for churches, mission groups and NGOs. She also enjoys speaking about the topics of adoption, human rights and human trafficking for various organizations.

Karen Feldman
Kagendo Mutua